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CKD Stage 3: What Are Some Things I Can Do to Take Care of My Kidneys

CKD Stage 3: What Are Some Things I Can Do to Take Care of My Kidneys “I have CKD Stage 3 and know some other health risks. But what are some things I can do to take care of my kidneys?” I get the questions from our email address: kidneyservice@hotmail.com. Now, please follow me to get a further learning about the topic. Any questions after reading, you can email to us or add my Whatsapp or Viber +8615076762199 and we are glad to help you!

In Stage 3 CKD, kidneys are moderately damaged and patients will begin to suffer from typical symptoms such as anemia, fatigue, hypertension, swelling, proteinuria, etc. Actually, although kidneys are damaged moderately in the stage, it is relatively serious because patients have developed obvious symptoms and discomforts, their normal daily life and activities have already been affected. Without timely treatments, it may continue to progress into Stage 5 Kidney Failure eventually. Therefore, it is also one of critical periods to take proper and effective treatments so as to stop progression of illness conditions.

Diet Therapy

For stage 3 kidney disease, a healthy diet is likely to consist of: high-quality protein food, low-salt diet, low phosphorus and potassium level, high vitamins food (fruits and vegetables). If you want to get an individualzied diet plan, you can talk with our Online Doctor directly.


Many people who develop CKD have diabetes or high blood pressure. Some medications like ACEIs and ARBs can be helpful. But patients should ask their doctors about all of their medicines and take them exactly as prescribed.

Chinese Herbal Medicines

Chinese medicines can eliminate blood and qi stasis in the body and promote blood circulation so as to greatly increase blood and oxygen supply to renal tissues. What’s more, Chinese medicines can bring necessary nutritions for repairing damaged renal intrinsic cells. When necrotic renal cells are replaced by new produced cells, renal structure can be restored and renal functions can be improved. Actually it is one of unique treatments in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. So can you come to China for treatments?

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