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Unique Chinese Medicines Lower High Creatinine Level 1500 To 494umol/L

What comes to your mind when your creatinine level is 1500umol/L? Dialysis? Yes, in your mind, dialysis is the only way to reduce high creatinine level. But in our hospital-Shijiazhuang Health Union Hospital, we have unique Chinese medicine treatments which can reduce your elevated creatinine level without dialysis.

Give you an example to show the function of Chinese medicine treatments.

Three years ago, this patient did a check up due to constant fever that his creatinine level was over 300umol/L. Since then, he began to take uremic clearance granule and high blood pressure medicines. His creatinine level was stable for some time. But three months ago, he had nausea, vomiting and dark skin. He went to hospital for another check up. His creatinine level has increased to over 1500umol/L. His local doctor suggested him to take dialysis. He rejected dialysis strongly. He knew once he starts dialysis, he has to take it for his rest of life. Also his renal function will become lower and lower with dialysis going on.
Unique Chinese Medicines Lower High Creatinine Level 1500 To 494umol/L

After all around, he found our hospital and was attracted by our Chinese medicine treatments. He talked with our doctor for details and finally came to our hospital for treatment.

After a period of Chinese medicine treatment, his creatinine level was lowered to 494umol/L. He was shocked when seeing this result. He really could not believe Chinese medicines are so marvellous.
Unique Chinese Medicines Lower High Creatinine Level 1500 To 494umol/L

The root cause of high creatinine level is due to injured kidneys. Damaged kidneys can not remove excess creatinine out of your body. Then creatinine level will build up in your body, causing high creatinine level. If you choose dialysis, it can discharge some creatinine from your body but dialysis does not repair your kidney damage. Then, your creatinine level will increase again. So dialysis is not a radical therapy for you. Chinese medicine treatments can repair injured kidney tissues and improve renal function so as to decrease high creatinine level radically. Our email is kidneyservice@hotmail.com. Contact us for details.

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