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Patient Story: Develop into Kidney Failure from no Complications

Name: MR. Wu Hui (unregretful)

Age: around 35

Condition: Scr 400+umol/L, Albuminuria 3+, Occult +

History: 10 years

Causes: Urinary Infection


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2 years

Ten years earlier, I am a graduates with beautiful hopes for the future and quite hopes for a better life, settled in a little city. Working and rest, comfort and simple.

But, it ended in ten years with a physical examination organized by institute. After that, doctor said that there is an abnormal in my urine, but does not matter much. Meanwhile, work is pushed by schedule and I have to work late. Without recheck. Then, dizzy makes me to hospital. This time, doctor said there is a little hypertension, only give me some medicines and let me go. At that time, young as I am, ignored that. But later, there is some edema in my eyes, and physical examination shows a + in protein urine. As usual, doctor say nothing but prescribe medicine.

Until two years earlier, edema spread into body. That remind me of the consequence of the disease. Physique examination shows that albuminuria and occult is 3+, and then, prescribe hormone based medicine to control.

Till half a year, recheck shows the creatinine level is 400umol/L, urine acid elevated. I am told that is kidney failure.

We, our family was astonished and try to find a hospital for treatment.

After a year’s treatment, turning around different hospitals, I learned if I have noticed the sign of high protein urine, occult, creatinine level.

Though, now, creatinine level is normal now, I still wish I could avoid all these.

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