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Q A for Albuminuria and NS Patients

Q A for Albuminuria and NS PatientsThis is column 27th for Kidney Disease QA. Dear friends, we will list the tissue of common concern of kidney patients. Welcome to find the issue you concern and hoping that it is useful.

Q: I found albuminuria in 2010 and till now it is around 2+. Taking Chinese Medicine to control, no edema, kidney function is in normal range. Can this be cured? How to do that?

A: According to your description, Chronic Nephritis should be concerned. For this condition, it can be cured theoretically. Only knowing the albuminuria level is not enough. So, further examination should be done. A definitive diagnosis is of great importance to make sure that which treatment is suitable.

Q: Albuminuria was 0.3+ three months earlier and after reducing hormone to four pills per day, it is now 3+(>0.3), both kidney function and creatinine level are normal. What is the problem and can this be cured?

A: Is it a Primary Nephritic Syndrome? If correct, the first step you have done wrongly. There are three steps for improving kidney disease: first, block the albumins and blood cells from leaking into urine; second, repair the damaged kidney tissue, then the final step is to strength the immune system. If your albuminuria relapse once reducing hormone dosage, then more effective treatment should be used. In addition, further causes, which includes reducing hormone dosage too much or inflection, for relapse should be found.

Q: Nephritic Syndrome, taking hormone for three months and other indexes are normal. How long can it be cured with hormone?

A: hormone based treatment can only block the albumin which means once reduced or stopped albuminuria has a possibility of relapse. Hence, the effective treatment is to repair the damaged kidney tissue and improve the immune system, then negative protein urine will never relapse.

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