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Protein Urine2+ Turned to Negative in NS with Natural Treatment

How could other’s Protein urine turned to negative but yourself? What’s the problem?

Zhang, 18 years old, a student in Shanxi Province. Last year, edema occurred in his eyelid and legs and diagnosed with CG(Chronic Glomerulonephritis). Several days treatment with Chinese medicine had no effect, edema still here, protein urine was 3+. Then, he came to Province Hospital for treatment, and this time he was diagnosed with NS and treated with hormone based therapy. Different to local hospital, this time treatment was effective, edema was gone, protein urine turned to negative. While when he got home, edema relapse and can not be reduced. Recheck in local hospital showed that protein urine was 2+. After that, treatment continued for almost a year and has no therapeutic effect, he lost trust in local treatment. Occasionally, he heard about Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, after a serious of research, he decided to have a try.

Hospital examination showed protein urine was 2+ and severe edema made him fatigue and laziness. Why hormone based medicine can turn protein urine 2+ to negative? Why it relapsed? Actually, the root cause is toxins accumulated in his body, and traditional treatment only controls the syndrome but repairs the damaged glomerular from root. Hormone based medicine only decreased vascular permeability and suppress the immune system, once the hormone stopped or reduced, complications will relapse. The clear message is that if we want to cure kidney diseases, toxins should be eliminated out and then, using Chinese medicine to repair and restore the damaged kidney tissue to provide a good environment for self cure and other medicine.

After a week’s treatment, edema was gone and his appetite was improved, more energetic than before. Now, he often went to Water Park for walk and enjoyed the beautiful spring.

Rechecking showed his protein urine was negative and he was absolutely satisfied.
Protein Urine2+ Turned to Negative in NS with Natural TreatmentProtein Urine2+ Turned to Negative in NS with Natural Treatment

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