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How Can I Lower Creatinine 4.1 After Kidney Transplant

How Can I Lower Creatinine 4.1 After Kidney TransplantIf you have creatinine 4.1 after kidney transplant, it means that the new organ has been severely damaged. There are several treatment options for you to lower creatinine. Here is a general introduction. As for you own condition, you can email to us at kidneyservice@hotmail.com for detailed analysis and suggestions.

Is dialysis needed for kidney transplant patients with creatinine 4.1?

You doctor may tell you to prepare start dialysis in the near future. However, since dialysis can only help kidney filter blood wastes rather than treating kidney disease, I don’t recommend you to take it if you do not have uncontrolled symptoms.

What is the best way to lower creatinine 4.1 after kidney transplant?

If you can still pass urine, you still have chance to avoid dialysis. Passing urine means you still have remaining kidney function. Why do not you use it? We can help you protect and improve the remaining kidney function with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

There are several commonly used herbal therapies in our hospital, Beijing Tongshantang Kidney Disease Hospital. They include Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Enema Therapy and Steam Therapy, etc. Our doctor choose Chinese herbs that will used in these therapies, according to the patient’ s own condition.

These therapies can purify the blood, increase blood circulation and improve kidney function. Almost 30 years of clinical practice prove that they are very natural and effective. I have the confidence that patients who had taken kidney transplant but have high creatinine level can definitely benefit from our treatments.

Where can I get Chinese herbs to lower creatinine 4.1?

The above herbal therapies are only in our hospital now. Our hospital is located in Beijing, China. Can you come to China for treatment?

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