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How to reduce high creatinine level 6.83 with natural treatment

How to reduce high creatinine level 6.83 with natural treatment

High creatinine level means kidney damage, and if it increased to 6.83, which means kidney failure stage, we have to find a treatment. Then, which treatment can help reduce creatinine? Dialysis? Natural treatment? Which one is better?

In modern medicine, once your creatinine level increased, your doctor will suggest you to start dialysis to keep fit and avoid further damage. However, there are more and more patients do not want to start dialysis due to its side-effect. But, when in kidney failure stage, we have to find treatment to reduce high creatinine level. Good news is in this level, creatinine level 6.83, natural reatment can help you improve kidney condition. But, bad news is, when serum creatinine level increased to 8 or higher, natural treatment is useless. What natural treatment can do in this level is to slow down the progression of kidney disease and avoid further damage only when combined with dialysis.

In early stage of kidney failure, if you have severe complications, dialysis and natural treatment will be used together. If not, one of these two is enough.

If you are in this high creatinine level and do not want to start dialysis, we can help you with Toxin-Removing Therapy. This treatment uses both natural herbal external applications and internal applications to improve kidney condition and eliminate toxins which is creatinine in blood and achieve the goal of reducing high creatinine level and avoid further damage.

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