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How to Deal With High Urine Acid and High Creatinine Level

What should I do with High Urine Acid and High Creatinine Level

Urine Acid is related to nephropathy, also called as kidney disease. Increased urine acid means kidney diseases. what will happened if suffer from high creatinine level and high urine acid? What is the risk of high urine acid?

The risk of high urine acid is as follow:

1. Joint tissue fibrosis

2. Gout

3. Kidney diseases

Then, what about kidney disease patients with high creatinine level and high urine acid?

Before talking about treatment, we have to know something about high urine acid.

Many people think high urine acid as gout, but clinical research shows it is not that easy. High urine acid can cause blood system disease and heart disease, chronic kidney disease and other diseases.

That is to say, gout is one of the complications of high urine acid. In most condition, 70% acid will eliminated through urine. But when it build up in blood and body, it can cause kidney disease or even kidney failure. 。

Reducing urine acid through food is lack of effect.

Patients often think that controlling diet can control almost everything. It is of no sense. You have to control your diet of course, but the effect of reducing urine acid is unsatisfied.

It is because the urine acid produced by food is only take 20%, and produced by body, while take 80%. And research shows that urine acid has 10% effect in causing hyperuricemia.

What should we do to prevent high urine acid?

To reduce further damage in high urine acid, patients have to use medicines. One kind is to reduce the production of urine acid; and another medicine is to promote the eliminate of urine acid, such as benzbromarone.

So, if you are in high urine acid and high creatinine level, controlling diet is to maintain kidney condition, while to reduce urine acid, we suggest medicine.

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