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Why Diabetic Nephropathy Cause Back Pain

Why Diabetic Nephropathy Cause Back Pain

Diabetic Nephropathy has different causes and nosogenesis, include insulin absolute or relative deficiency that causes the glycoprotein and fat dysbolism. It is a systemic disease with hypermetropia as main clinical symptom. Diabetes can damage kidney by various way. These damages can hurt general structural, but there only glomerulosclerosis is close related to diabetes, which is called as Diabetic Nephropathy, a general microvascular complications. There are many complications, and why people place attention in back pain?

Diabetic Nephropathy patients always suffer from bilateral or one side persist back pain. There are some other reasons that can cause back pain:

Renal capsule, renal pelvis lesions or increased tension will cause visceral neuralgia.

Kidney lesions invade the nerves lead to back pain.

At end stage, kidneys have lost normal physiological regulation function, so the clinical manifestations is persistent low back pain.

Diabetic nephropathy patients has low resistance, prone to get urinary tract infection, it can stimulate the kidney film and cause lumbar pain.

Nephropathy in patients with metabolic disorders, especially later stage toxins cause neuromuscular lesions, low back pain occurs, accompanied by lower limb pain.

The main cause of back pain in diabetic nephropathy is lesion in kidneys. The key to cure it, is to repair the damage kidney tissue, let kidneys can adjust the physical condition. After so many years clinical experience, it has been approved that the key solution is to repair the damaged kidney tissue and improve kidney condition.

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