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High Creatinine Level 6.8 and Natural Treatment: Which Treatment Can Lower That

High Creatinine Level 6.8 and Natural TreatmentHigh creatinin level is a sign of kidney damage. What should patients do if serum creatinine (Scr) level sheering to 6.8, a kidney failure stage? Is there a treatment, a natural treatment can avoid dialysis?

Creatinine, a kind of metabolism of body that produced by muscle and other organs. The normal range is 0.7-1.2mg/dl. Normally, creatinine can be reabsorbed by kidney tissue and then eliminated through urine. But when kidney get damaged, the creatinine can not be removed as effective as before, thus leading the creatinine level build up in blood and body. It will slowly increase at the early stage, and, when sheering into 6.8, it means a severe condition both in kidney and other organs. It means that the kidney can not work as effective as before. Toxins build up in blood will cause inflammation around the body and then, affect the immune system. All that, we can see, there flowing a serious of complications. What we should do is, firstly, if possible, do regular examination to avoid the sheering of creatinine level; if already increased, then, find a treatment improve our condition and control the creatinine level and kidney condition.

There we can introduce you the dialysis, most effective method in reducing creatinine level. It can help remove the toxins in blood with external instruments, and it can help control a extremely high creatinine level. Then, there is a natural treatment can help reduce high creatinine level, a not so high level, like 6.8, already in kidney failure, yes, but not so severe. This treatment can help remove toxins also, and can also dilate blood vessel and improve kidney condition.

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