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Foot Bath

Foot Bath

Foot Bath is one of characteristic treatments in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital. And it play an improtant role in our characteristic treatments.

Why we think highly of the effect on foot bath?

Patients must know the effect of traditional Chinese Medicine in this therapy. The experts group in our hospital took great effeots on it and hundreds of prescriptions were formulated by them. The foot is one of the meridian convergence where the human organs are reflected in specific area of foot. Foot reflex massage therapy has a tradition of 3000 years of history. Foot bath can stimulate the human body in the feet corresponding to the corresponding points to produce nerve reflex and activate the function of sensing organs.

The functions of foot bath:

Foot bath is the thermal effect, mechanical effect of water treatment effect, chemical effect and the use of drugs and medicine fumigation steam to dredge the Bong, scattered wind cooling, penetration of bones, Qi and blood, so as to enhance cardiovascular function, improve sleep, eliminate fatigue, eliminate sub-health, and improve the body immune system and a series of health. The effect of medicated foot bath therapy is the selection of appropriate drugs, decoction against into warm water, and then let the foot with liquid medicine bath. It can make ion in the warm water penetrate into human blood circulation and human body organs to prevent and cure the disease.

On the whole, foot bath has the function of adjust blood pressure, improve blood circulation, stimulate metabolism, allaying tiredness, improve sleep and immune system etc.

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