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What Is Chronic Kidney Disease And What Treatment Is Effective

What Is Chronic Kidney Disease And What Treatment Is Effective

Chronic kidney disease means lesion in kidneys and with its development, kidneys fail in removing waste and excess fluids from blood due to chronic lost of kidney function. Advanced kidney disease will cause so many complications, some fatal complications. What should we do? Which treatment can be used in this disease?

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) occurs from continued damage to your kidneys. Normal, healthy kidneys remove waste from the blood. Then, your body removes the waste in your urine. Kidneys help to control your blood pressure and make red blood cells. If you have CKD, your kidneys cannot remove waste from the blood as well as they should. Almost 20 million people in the United States have this disease. When you have high blood pressure, urine albumin, serum creatinine level abnormal increase, these are the common symptoms of chronic kidney disease.

Can we prevent kidney disease?

Yes, if we control blood pressure in a normal level. If you have high creatinine level some medicines such as ACE inhibitors and angiotensin-II receptor blockers can help.

Managing blood sugar also plays an important role. This often include taking medicine and making changes on diet.

Quick smoking and drinking. Smoking damages your kidneys and raises blood pressure, alcoholic will reduce your immune system.

Which treatment can improve CKD?

CKD is a chronic kidney disease. You can choose natural treatment, Toxin-Removing Therapy to improve kidney condition. This treatment is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, and this treatment can help patients improve kidney function and eliminate toxins in blood. It can remove toxins in blood, rebuild kidney function.

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