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No Swelling in Body Except Below the Eye for Type 2 Diabetes

Posted: by Dr.Zhao      Time: 2015-06-22 08:37

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Details: I am type 2 diabetes patient. I have no swelling in body except below the eye. Is it one sign of kidney damage?

Type 2 diabetes is one common metabolic disorder. If controlled effectively, patients can live healthily with this disease. Otherwise, they will experience a lot of health problems caused by diabetes.

Swelling below the eye is just one common symptom of type 2 diabetes. From your description, we suppose you have kidney disease. To determine whether you have chronic kidney disease, you are suggested to do blood and urine test. If you do have kidney damage, you should take some therapies to slow down the progression of your diabetic kidney disease. To manage this kidney disease, we would like to recommend the following methods.

1. Manage blood sugar level: High blood sugar level is the underlying cause of health problems, so patients need to follow a correct diet plan with free sugar, low sodium and low protein. In some cases, patients need to take some antidiabetic medicines.

2. Repair damaged kidney cells: Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one therapy to repair patients’ kidney cells. As long kidneys can do their work normally, your swelling below eyes will disappear.

If you are interested about this therapy, you can learn more about it.

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