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Transplanted Kidney Is Not Functioning: What to Do

Posted: by Dr.Zhao      Time: 2015-06-21 07:28

Topics: Kidney Transplant

Details: I accepted kidney transplantation two years ago. Now, the transplanted kidney isn’ty functioning. My creatinine level is 348. What can I do?

Chronic kidney failure can be caused by many disorders. When it progresses into end stage, patients may choose to do kidney transplant. However, if patients’ kidney disease is due to immune disorder or metabolic disorder such as diabetes, IgA Nephropathy, Lupus Nephritis, and so on, kidney failure may happen again. Just like your case, the transplanted kidney is not functioning again.

At present, no specific therapy can save the impaired transplanted kidney. Since your creatinine level is 348 umol/L, it means your kidneys haven’t failed completely. The thing we can do at this point is to protect the remaining kidney function and make the kidney work as long as possible.

However, if the transplanted kidney fails to work completely, no therapy can do anything for it. The only choice for you is to begin dialysis and accept another kidney transplant. I know both of these two choices are not easy to follow.

Since this, we suggest you to take some medicines and remedies to protect this kidney actively.

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