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Can Cranberry Lower Creatinine Levels

Posted: by Gil sailer      Time: 2013-01-21 14:06

Topics: High Creatinine Level Chinese Herbal Medicine

Details: My father has a level of creatinine 691, then after 10 days @over 1000. I am searching for oriental therapy for him. Can cranberry lower creatinine levels?

thanks for your inquiry. Creatinine is the byproducts of muscular metabolism which can be filtered out from the blood by kidneys. When kidneys are diseased, the creatinine will build up in the body, causing high creatinine levels.

Cranberry is a deep red berried that are grown in acidic bogs in the cooler climates of the northern Hemisphere. It is a common recommended herb for Chronic Kidney Disease. It has antioxidant properties and contain moderate levels of vitamin C, as well as fiber and manganese. It helps prevent urinary tract infections and lower blood sugar to treat Kidney Disease.

Even Cranberry benefits the kidneys a lot , there is no research to find this herb helps to lower high creatinine levels. To lower creatinine levels, herbs that can repair the damaged kidneys and improve kidney function are suggested. And a mixture of herbs show a better effects than single herb.

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